Membership / Volunteer

What started in 1895 as twenty-one women concerned about the condition of village roads has grown into a vibrant organization of over 360 women. Our many community programs require active, committed members and volunteers.

Full membership requires two years of fulltime residency or three years of summer residency. It involves a two-year process during which a prospective member is expected to serve on at least one committee (preferably in one of our thrift shops) and participate in our annual summer fair. For more information, or to receive a membership application, please call Membership Chair, Larilee Jemiola: 631-324-2057 or email

We also welcome volunteers, many of whom are now working in our thrift shops, processing donations and assisting with sales, and at our annual fair. If you would like to volunteer, please call 631-324-1220, ext. 1 or email

The pictures at the right were taken at various welcome breakfasts and induction ceremonies.