The Village Trees

The trees of East Hampton help define our Village.

From tree-lined streets to the trees surrounding Town Pond, we are graced by the lush greenery of our stately trees. Majestic and gigantic trees are the most prominent feature seen when entering our Village. Our tree environment is ever changing and we must take care to keep our trees as healthy and as stunning as when the pioneering ladies of the LVIS first planted them. That is our goal.

To maintain our tree-rich environment, the LVIS works with East Hampton Village to care for over 3,500 existing trees and to plant new ones. We do this in several ways...

  • The LVIS Tree Committee
    From April through October Tree Committee members tend tree plaques throughout the Village and clean tree enclosures along Main Street and Newtown Lane. Along the way, these observant ladies are able to provide eyes on the ground as they work among Village trees, reporting any that look distressed and following up with necessary treatment.

  • The Little Trees Program
    Each spring the LVIS feeds all new street trees planted within the last 3 years.

  • Tree Replacement Program
    Each fall the LVIS replaces any Village street trees that have died during the year. Since starting this program, the LVIS has replaced over 500 trees with a variety of different species, including Red Maple, Chinese Elm, Crepe Myrtle, Hornbeam, and Linden trees.

  • LVIS Elm Care
    In the early 1950’s, the LVIS began a vigorous battle against Dutch elm disease (DED) which was devastating elm trees throughout the country. Today the LVIS, in partnership with the Village, watches over 144 elm trees in consultation with Cornell Cooperative. Village elms are treated with a fungicide every other year.

  • Memorial Tree Plaques
    The LVIS Tree Committee installs and maintains 650 Village plaques. For more information and to inquire about Memorial Tree Plaques, please click the link below.